STEM teacher Corps

STEM Teacher Corps Announced

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Last week, President Obama announced plans for a STEM teacher Corps to recognize and reward leading teachers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) areas. Recognizing the importance for America’s future within the global workforce Obama said, “we need to make sure our children are getting the best education possible. Teachers matter, and great teachers deserve our support.” Furthermore many argue that educating students in these fields is important for longterm financial and economic interests of the country as well.

Some noteworthy points in the announcement?  The goal is to prepare over 100,000 additional STEM teachers over the next decade.  The federal government is willing to compensate leaders in the initiative and, to do this,  has requested 1 billion dollars in the 2013 budget!  They are dedicating $100 million of the current budget to this initiative immediately.

To read more about the announcement, check out the official press release. To view BrainPOP STEM resources, be sure to check out our STEM spotlight page with topics galore to help students build understanding.  In addition,  utilize the new Science and Math related games featured on GameUp, as another useful resource that students love.