#Follow Friday

#Follow Friday

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#Follow Friday! BrainPOP is full of creative minds and they have quite a bit to say about the field of education.  If you’re not already following these BrainPOPpers on Twitter, be sure to add them to your list.

Bev Fine @BevFine
Editorial/Outreach Director for BrainPOP ELL

Andrew Gardner @agardnahh
Senior Manager of BrainPOP Educators

David Grandison @grandison
Executive Producer for BrainPOP

Angela Watson @Angela_Watson
BrainPOP’s Educational Editor

Din Heiman @DinSquared
BrainPOP’s COO and General Manager

Karina Linch @mslinch
SVP of Product Management at BrainPOP

Allisyn Levy @allisyn
BrainPOP’s Senior Director, Educator Experience

Dr. Kari Stubbs @KARISTUBBS
BrainPOP’s Vice President of 21st Century Learning

And, of course, don’t forget to follow @brainpop for up to date news.  Have a great weekend!