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BrainPOP Jr. App–we’re on the Go!

Posted by cemignano on

Bring learning to your fingertips with the BrainPOP Jr. app, and Annie and Moby! We are excited to announce that we’ve recently released our BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app. You can now access BrainPOP Jr.’s movies and quizzes from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, as well their accompanying Belly Up comics and Pop A Jokes. The app itself is completely free to download from the iTunes App Store and we’re proud to say it’s currently the 2nd most popular free EDU app and is featured as “New & Noteworthy”.

Current BrainPOP Jr. subscribers can log in from the Movie of the Week app and view all of BrainPOP Jr.’s content at no additional cost.  Non-subscribers can take advantage of our free content by accessing our featured movie of the week and it’s quiz, comic, and joke.  We’re just in time for summer, so whether it’s on vacation or in the car, be sure to take BrainPOP Jr. on the go!