BrainPOP Fan Animation

The Newest BrainPOP Fan Animation, Created with Puppet Pals!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Guest Bloggers and BrainPOP Educators Eliza Chung and Jan Bird worked with students from class 1a at The School at Columbia to create their own BrainPOP Fan Animation about raising baby chicks. Here at BrainPOP Educators, we were thrilled to Skype with their students and help create the parameters for the awesome project.

Eliza writes:

“We wanted our first grade students to show their learning about writing procedural text in a creative manner. We’d been watching BrainPop Jr. videos all year long when they’ve connected with our curriculum, so the kids were familiar with the format and characters. When we Skyped with Andrew, from BrainPOP Educators, he asked us to create content about the changes involved with chicks and how to care for them, (which “coincidentally” was what we’d studied in our classroom). The kids were excited to make a movie for BrainPOP and be famous! They loved knowing other children would learn from what they could share.

We brainstormed important knowledge we would need to include in the movie, and kids took charge of various aspects: the backgrounds, characters, and props. We wrote a script together, and each student had a part. They especially enjoyed drawing inspiration from the features of the BrainPop movies, such as singing the intro song with “cheeps”, and having Moby ask silly questions. We used Puppet Pals on an iPad to create the actual video.

The project was a true act of collaboration within our classroom community, and with BrainPOP!”


If you’d like to make your own BrainPOP movies with students, but feel a little unsure, please check out our forums or get in touch for guidance. That’s what Eliza and Jan did! At BrainPOP educators, we love seeing our content used as inspiration for creative projects, and will do everything we can to support your efforts!