BrainPOP for test prep

Using BrainPOP for Test Prep

Posted by SM Bruner on

As the end of the school year approaches, students need to review lots of material they’ve already learned. Why not use BrainPOP for test prep? In this new lesson plan, you’ll find ideas for helping students reflect on their progress and areas of strength and weakness, and review key skills and concepts.

This lesson can be used in preparation for standardized testing or even unit tests in various subject areas. Preview the lesson and determine how you can adapt it for your class and differentiate for student needs. If your students have mobile devices, you may want to teach them in advance how to download the BrainPOP app.

You may want to re-use this lesson plan throughout the school year for different subject area assessments. Encourage students to explore the movies and quizzes on their own, and check out topics that are relevant to their interests (including those topics that are not covered on a test.)