Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown on BrainPOP?

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Well, no, not really,  but two of our recently introduced topics to BrainPOP’s ever expanding library seem to reference everyone’s favorite “good man.”  Based on Bailey’s letter requesting an explanation of Cerebral Palsy, Tim’s answer touches on the various neurological, muscular and affective effects on people with the condition. Be sure to watch all the way to the end of the baseball themed movie for Tim’s deadpan “good grief!”

You’ll find another “good grief” moment, beginning the Railroad History movie as Moby slams a locomotive into Tim’s house! Fortunately nobody is hurt so settle in to hear about engineering progress from horse drawn wagon ways, to bullet trains.  We also learn about the cultural impact that came with the worldwide growth of the railroad industry from the Transcontinental Railroad to the Orient Express.  Though Charlie Brown isn’t really on BrainPOP, his presence influences all kinds of animation, including our own!