Intel Best Lesson Plan

Intel and BrainPOP Lesson Plan Contest Entries Due May 22nd!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

This is the homestretch: submissions for the lesson plan contest we’re sponsoring with Intel are due May 22nd! Implemented through We Are Teachers, the contest invites educators to submit lesson plans showcasing the use of our resources on mobile devices. Grand prizes include $200 (put it to use at ISTE, perhaps?!) plus a Flip cam you can use to film your creative ideas in action. We’ll also feature the winners right here on BrainPOP Educators.

To help get your creative juices flowing, We Are Teachers has put together a few tips for pairing digital resources with mobile devices.

Show a clip to introduce a lesson. Have partners watch together on a Slate or Netbook. Challenge them to tackle any related activities together, and ask them to brainstorm questions they have about what they’ve just seen. Then, use their questions to jumpstart your class discussion.

Invite fast finishers to tune in. Allow fast finishers to don headphones and watch relevant movies on a Smartphone or Slate.

Use video to differentiate your lessons. Video and movies are great tools for reaching a broad range of learners. Show a movie that ties in to what you’re teaching. Students who are still struggling with the concepts afterwards can re-watch the movie on a mobile device or view another clip that highlights the material in a different way. Meanwhile, students who demonstrate a firm grasp of the material can work on creating their own movies using mobile devices.

Have students watch movies from home. You’ve no doubt heard the buzz about the “flipped school” model. Make it work for you! Have students watch educational movies and lectures at home. Then use class time to complete assignments previously given as homework. Even if you don’t fully adopt the model, having kids watch movies on their mobile devices at home can help to deepen their knowledge of the material and illustrate difficult concepts in a new light.

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