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New on BrainPOP: Edgar Allan Poe

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Worry nevermore, BrainPOP now has an  Edgar Allan Poe movie! We profile the 19th century author’s background and career as a writer, as well as his influence on gothic literature. Join Tim and Moby as they explore the common themes found among some of his most famous literary works, including “The Tell Tale Heart, “The Raven,” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.”  While Poe’s style is mostly gothic and gloomy, don’t be fooled.  Students will learn about the author’s softer side and discover pieces of literature that are not as dark. The movie is the perfect resource for teaching students about the gothic horror genre, poetry, and the classic author. The Related Reading section that accompanies the movie offers some insight to the myths and mysteries surrounding Poe, as well as famous quotations from the man himself.