Webinar Alert: Venture into the Arctic with IMAX® and BrainPOP

the Arctic IMAX contest: earth awareness

Wednesday, April 25 4:30PM ET:
Venture into the Arctic with IMAX® and BrainPOP

Celebrate Earth Awareness Month with IMAX and BrainPOP! Joined by Shaun MacGillivray, filmmaker of the new IMAX® film To the Arctic, we’ll discuss the changing Arctic wilderness, its effect on the polar bear’s ability to thrive, and what you and your students can do to help protect their habitat. Free educational materials inspired by the film along with BrainPOP movies will help you further in classroom teaching and learning. We’ll also share details of the To the Arctic contest in which you can enter to win the ultimate prize pack from BrainPOP and IMAX!  Look for To the Arctic exclusively at select IMAX® 3D and IMAX theaters. Want an opportunity to see the film with your students? Enter the BrainPOP To the Arctic lesson plan contest and get a chance to win tickets!

Eventbrite - Venture into the Arctic with IMAX® and BrainPOP

  • williamdking

    I now am planning a new lesson plan around your IMax movie to introduce after we finish our state exams. I’ll pass along my lesson plan to my science teachers with your Imax clip and all information you have provided during this inspiring webinar.

  • jdenno2

    I loved listening to this webinar. My two children ages 5 and 7 sat with me and were so interested about the polar bears. They kept asking me questions and just wanted to learn more. WE can’t wait to go see it in IMAX. Thank you so much for sharing your time about this amazing experience.
    Johanna Denno
    4th grade teacher
    Virginia Beach

  • reneemom

    Thank you for another great webinar! We just learned about arctic bears in Science-amazing!

  • mcarfaro@stgregorythegreat.org

    I am going to start planning a lesson for this movie. We are doing biomes in the upcoming units in school. I love the webinars. This is the second one and i was equally impressed with this one too.

  • eweixel

    One of our big thematic units in second grade is habitats. The arctic is our favorite one to learn about. Thanks for a great webinar!!

  • edna.argo

    I enjoyed the webinar very much. I enjoyed the part where they talked about the filming of the movie. It made me interested in seeing the movie.

  • gildehausj

    I really enjoyed listening to the Imax webinar! I thought it was very interesting to learn that the cameras and film they use are only good for shooting a few minutes of film and then it takes 15 minutes to reload and get filming again. This makes me appreciate the Imax films even more!! I plan on sharing this info with my class when we watch Imax videos that relate to our school work. I am going to try and come up with a lesson plan that is developed around the Artic and get it in before the end of this school year….fingers crossed. Thanks again Brain Pop for making our lives as educators easier to introduce such interactive technology to our students.

  • sdimas

    This is such a great way to teach students the importance of taking care of our planet. It allows them to see the impact our actions are having on our environment. I love Imax!!!

  • wildcat70

    I enjoyed the webinar very much. I learned some about how to film movies and a lot about the changing enviroment in the Arctic. I would like to see the movie.

  • Jen P

    I was fascinated by the facts about what it takes to film this in IMAX. I had no idea that they could only film a few minutes at a time. Wow. Looking forward to incorporating “fun facts” into my classroom lesson.

  • justinalexander

    This is such a great way to teach students. It allows them to see the impact of actions and choices played out on screen. Imax is great! I hope that there will be other Imax topics in the future.

  • r.stanley1989

    Global Warming is an extremely important topic that needs to be educated to younger students so they know how to help the earth. I loved learning about how the IMAX films are created. I think students will be interested in learning about how they can help the planet.