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Top 5 Highlights of Promethean and BrainPOP Together at ActivLoudon Plus!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Dr. Kari Stubbs, VP of 21st Century Learning at BrainPOP, presented the keynote presentation on educational games at the ActivLoudon Plus conference on March 24th. The event brought together 500 educators from the Loudon County School District in Virginia and beyond to learn about the power of technology, including Promethean tools and BrainPOP for teaching and learning.

Adina Popa, Technology Resource Teacher and International Ambassador of Loudoun County Public Schools shared these top five takeways from the event:

1.  Gaming in education will become a mainstream initiative within the next 1- 2 years (

2.  BrainPOP is at the forefront of this movement, implementing gaming throughout their rigorous academic content.

3.  Dr. Kari Stubbs is an amazing speaker!

4.  The conference was a success and I enjoyed sharing and learning with/from my colleagues.

5.  I am looking forward to many more collaborative activities between our county and BrainPOP, as well as many more ActivLoudoun Plus conferences!

Congratulations to the organizing team, and Mike Speidel, the head of this operation!

How are you taking advantage of the BrainPOP and Promethean integration in your district?