Assess, Reflect, and Redirect

Wednesday, April 18 4:00PM ET:
Assess, Reflect, and Redirect

Join us for this special webinar co-presented by our partner Knovation (formerly netTrekker.) We can’t wait to share the powerful assessment resources available from Knovation and BrainPOP and how they complement one another. Additionally, we will help you take a deeper look at the objectives your students are struggling with and how you can find additional resources you can use to reteach, engage and motivate even your most reluctant learners.

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  • reneemom

    Thank you.

  • kgaut30

    I agree that students need various ways of learning. BrainPOP and Knovation help bring life back into Assessments. I like the BrainPOP Jr. draw, write, and talk about it assessment. I can’t wait to use it. Thank you.

  • kristycrawford

    I like the aspect of Knovation that allows students to make learning personal and corresponding assessments truly reflective. The amount of things on the web is overwhelming, and this feels like a “safe” atmosphere for students.

  • silvurlightning7

    I like the idea of using technology for assessments. Assessments have become so repetitive with the same formats and the same types of questions. Having the technology makes taking assessments more intriguing for the students. I plan on doing more research on using these types of assessments over the summer and using them for the next school year!

  • leonard.nat

    I am trying to integrate more technology in my lessons day to day. I have been looking for a way to assess online. Thank you for your resources shown on your site! Our school next year will allow students to bring their own technology – and will give me more opportunities to use these resources! I especially love how the quizzes can connect to google apps.

  • sharonwnetrzak

    APPLAUSE to BrainPOP and NetTrekker/Knovation!!!
    We can assess students without them knowing they are being assessed! Bravo! There is a wealth of information and resources at your fingertips with BrainPop and Knovation! The support offered for assessment in differentiated instruction is tremendous! It is so very cool also that students can draw their answers with BrainPOP Jr. Students are very techy savvy. Teachers need to be familiar and comfortable with technology also. Technology is to be wholly integrated into our curriculum. BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. are an excellent way to do that!

  • justinalexander

    I like using technology for assessments. Assessments have become so repetitive with the same formats and the same types of questions. Having the technology makes taking assessments more intriguing for the students. I hope you can integrate programs like socrative in the near future.

  • ileteacher

    Our new math series has all kinds of assessments that can be completed online and after watching this webinar I think I may try it out as well as the other ideas that were mentioned. Taking assessments are dreaded by students and honestly I do not like giving them. Having the assessments become more technology based will definitely motivate the students when it is time to be assessed. Assessing the students without them even knowing they are being assessed is truly genius and something that our district is pushing toward. I am going to be looking into all the ideas mentioned throughout the summer, so I can implement them into my classroom next year.

  • bmcombs

    It is very important to assess, reflect and redirect. I enjoyed this webinar. I have used the quizzes and activity pages before but now I have a better understanding of how I can use them. Any new ideas to assess student progress are always welcomed. I especially like the the idea of trying the Nettrekker. I teach special education so this is sure to be a valuable resource for me.

  • r.stanley1989

    I first want to say great job on the webinar like always. No student ever looks forward to taking assessments, but if you can make it a fun and more enjoyable way of taking assessments, not only will they enjoy it more, but they probably will do a better job. Success is what teachers always strive for and these technological was of assessing are great tools. I will be looking forward to using these tools in the future.

  • bobbito215

    First let me start by saying thank you and what a great job as always. This webinar has taught me a lot about how I can use the different quizzes and activities. There are some great ways to make assessments more exciting while also grading a students knowledge of the content.