Webinar Alert: edWeb.net Presents- How to Use the Video Game Model to Build Curriculum Units

Video Game Model

Thursday, April 19 4:00PM ET:
edWeb.net Webinar: How To Use The Video Game Model To Build Curriculum Units

Games are engaging our children both in and out of the classroom. Components of gaming can be leveraged to increase student engagement and achievement through careful instructional design.  In edWeb.net’s next webinar, Andrew Miller, a game-based learning expert, will provide practical tools for utilizing gaming elements in the classroom to plan a curricular unit, from larger structures to individual lessons. Webinar participants will hear from Andrew on the essential elements of gamification of the classroom, as well as the complexities of implementation.  He will also share example curriculum units and provide tips for effective planning.

No need to pre-register!  Click to join the webinar at 4:00 PM ET on Thursday April, 19.

  • msclafani

    Thanks for the webinar. I am looking forward to getting the App.

  • kristycrawford

    Gaming in the classroom usually overwhelms me, but after listeing to this webinar, I want to gain the confidence to try this in my classroom.

  • justinalexander

    Gaming in the classroom is often cumbersome, but after listeing to this webinar, I would like to get the app to see how I could integrate it into my classroom.

  • bobbito215

    Great job on this webinar and you have made me a believer that gaming in the classroom can be a good idea. Students will be more alert and involved in the lesson when it involves games about the material. I look forward to using this in my classroom.