Supreme Court

Supreme Court and BrainPOP

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Networks are buzzing, lawyers have prepared arguments, and the political parties are anxious to know how the results will impact the November presidential election! Today marks the beginning of Supreme Court hearing regarding the constitutionality of the 2010 Affordable Care Act in the United States. Are your students talking about it too? Do you need to explain some of the concepts behind the law, the court or the constitution?

BrainPOP is here to help. Take a look at today’s featured movie, Supreme Court,  to explore the structure of the highest court in the land.  Learn about the checks and balances between the branches of governments and check out our free games on GameUp: Law Craft, Court QuestSupreme Decision and Executive Command. Each of these role playing games are engaging, educational and make the student a decision maker.  By using BrainPOP movies and GameUp,  you help students better understand the US political structure, the impact of the hearings and . . .  have fun.