Ignite Your Ideas at ISTE

Posted by cemignano on

If you missed the ISTE 2012 proposal deadline and still want to present, you’re in luck! ISTE has announced that they will be holding two hour-long, Ignite sessions at the 2012 conference in San Diego, CA.

What is an Ignite session? Presenters are given five minutes and 20 slides in which to share about a topic.  Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds while the speakers give their info-packed presentation. Since the first Ignite session took place in Seattle in 2006, the popularity of this presentation format has spread around the world.

For this year’s ISTE conference, the Ignite sessions will be centered around the theme of “expanding horizons for learners.”  You’re invited to submit an application that talks about your classroom experiences, professional practices, or even some of the interactive and engaging tools you use with your students (BrainPOP anyone?). The presentations will be held Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26, with 10 presenters per session. The deadline for submission of ideas is May 15th, so go ahead and share what ignites your passion for education!