Webinar Alert: Getting Creative: Scientific Illustrations & Other Projects

Wednesday, March 14

Special time: 7:30PM EST

Getting Creative: Scientific Illustrations & Other Projects

All the way from Shanghai, we welcome Laura Brown, a high school science teacher, for this webinar on scientific illustrations and other creative projects. Find out how she and her students use BrainPOP movies as models for these illustrations, and to create new scripts and movies that reinforce key concepts. Laura will share some of the incredible work her students have produced, and you’ll leave feeling just as inspired as they are.

Eventbrite - Getting Creative: Scientific Illustrations & Other Projects

  • jenenne

    Loved this webinar!!!! Please continue to have more about science.

  • williamdking

    This webinar was so insightful and creative. I will focus on creating an animated educational assignment with my special education students. Thank you for your time.

  • sfreel01

    I am so excited to go to work tomorrow and share this information with my peers! I can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  • angelapalo

    I attended a SAM workshop at an NSTA conference, but had not been brave enough to try it in my classroom. The tutorial and connection to BrainPOP encouraged me to download SAM. I am looking forward to trying it out with my fourth grade scientists. Thanks!

    • http://BrainPOP.com andrewg

      For those of you who would like to download SAM animation, the software that Laura demonstrated, go to: http://www.samanimation.com/

  • reneemom

    I am enjoying many Brainpop webinars and have learned so much! Thank you.

  • christinelc

    This webinar was fantastic. It definitely inspired me to challenge my students to create their own animated informational clips. Many thanks to Andrew and Laura.

  • sdimas

    I love Sam Animation! This is a great way to get students more involved in their learning!

  • kevynwest

    I really enjoyed this webinar! I teach online so it will be fun to utilize SAM and the Wall Wisher with my middle school students =)

  • silvurlightning7

    I was looking for new ways to use technology in science and this webinar had several great ideas.

  • mylamccoy

    Although this webinar was geared more toward a science teacher’s needs, I like that the information was set up to get the kids to “think” for themselves instead of just being fed equations and formulas. Kids love animation! Getting them to create their own based on the topic being studied is wonderful! Having the teacher faciliate learning instead of lecturing the students into boredom is wonderful. SAM animation was great! I the teachers at my high school are not using this tool, I may have to suggest it to them. :-)

  • christopherm1

    The webinar was great, the activities suggested really force students to embrace a more conceptual understanding of the content.

  • krisbb23

    Another great webinar!!! I loved how you showed us exactly how to implement what you were talking about.

  • krisbb23

    Great webinar with great activities!!

  • mmarse

    Great activities!!! Fantastic Webinar!

  • r.stanley1989

    Even though I am not a science teacher, I really enjoyed this webinar. This webinar was filled with a lot of great activities that will be beneficial for the students. I really thought the SAM animation was very cool and the students would enjoy it as well.

  • mrsmcnamara

    This will be my first year teaching middle school science. I am very excited about it, and found the information provided in this webinar to be very useful. I loved the stop motion animation explanation and can see how that could be very useful in the classroom.