Steve Jobs

What is a Steve Jobs? What is a QR Code?

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BrainPOP Educators Brennan Plummer, Jarrod Stephens and Brian Cook at Worthington Elementary School in Kentucky lead a Student Technology Leadership Program for aspiring technologists! Brennan contacted us to share about their most recent research projects on Steve Jobs and QR codes. One component of this research project was the creation of BrainPOP videos – complete with Tim, Moby, sharp dialogue and a pointed question. Jarrod shares that the project took about 2 weeks, “After completing the scripts and storyboards, there were countless hours of rehearsing and recording. There were lots of laughs.” He continues, “the most surprising element of the project was to see how engaged the kids became!  They were in my room every day to ask about when they could come in and work. Most of the work was completed after school hours and both the boys and girls who took part in the project loved taking turns being Moby.”  Take a look at the fruits of their labor, and if you’ve made some awesome BrainPOP projects with your students, please share with us!

Congratulations to the STLP students at Worthington!

What is a Steve Jobs?


What is a Steve Jobs? from Brennan Plummer on Vimeo.

What is a QR code?


What is a QR Code? from Brennan Plummer on Vimeo.