Moby + Picasso = Mobasso

Moby + Picasso = Mobasso! Liz Andrews Shares an Art, Technology and Spanish Integrated Project

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Last week we shared the adorable “Moby is. . .” project by the student at Kentucky Day School. Upon seeing the work published, Liz Andrews, the lower school technology coordinator, shared with us the following:

“I just saw that you added a Picasso movie on BrainPOP Jr! Last year I collaborated with our Spanish teacher (all of our elementary students take Spanish) on a MOBASSO project – Moby + Picasso!! She taught them all about Picasso (and body parts (arm, leg, etc) in Spanish), and I showed them BrainPOP Cubism movie. At the beginning of the Cubism movie, you see Moby looking into shattered glass… so we drew Moby in shattered glass using Kerpoof! It was really hard to draw and took 2 classes, but the outcome was amazing! They took their Mobasso printouts to Spanish class where they wrote paragraphs in Spanish describing Moby’s body parts and their colors (which is why you see Moby in different colors). The end result was amazing – we posted the students Mobasso and his description all over our school!”

It’s a pleasure for us to share such creative projects!  If you would like to share some of your student’s work with the community here at BrainPOP Educators, get in touch!