Webinar Alert: Everything ESL with Bev Fine

Wednesday, February 22 4:30PM:

Join Bev Fine, BrainPOP ESL’s Editorial and Outreach Director, for a tour of our award-winning English language learning/teaching tool. She’ll show you the ins and outs of all eight interactive features accompanying each movie, and you’ll see why BrainPOP ESL has everything you need to successfully support ESL/ELL student needs.

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  • kmnichols

    I student taught at a school with a majority of ESL students and this webinar really brought me back. I cant wait to share this information with my cooperating teacher and hope she can use it with her students!

  • reneemom

    I found this webinar informative and interesting! I enjoyed the method used to teach grammar. The animation is great! Its sure to grab the attention of children! I love Brainpop! This is my third webinar and I am learning so much! Thank you.

    • andrewg

      Hi Renee, thanks for coming back! Let us know if there is a specific content area that you would like us to cover, we love input when we put together our webinar series. Also, be sure to check out the archives! http://www.brainpop.com/educators/webinars/

  • jamielynnroth

    Thanks for a great webinar… a lot of effort went into the needs of ELLs…slower speech/paraphrasing/visuals/lots of practice. Great ideas. Can’t wait for more advanced levels! Our district has a subscription for the middle school but not esl or jr. wonder if there’s a way to make it accommodating across the board?

  • williamdking

    I’ve not used Brain Pop’s ELA. I found your ELA webinar extremely useful. Andries Hudde now has their own active account. I will make sure that the assistant principle who heads the ELA department and all of the ELA teachers are made aware of this creatively interactive, and well thought out ELA educational tool.

  • ascordato

    I loved this webinar! It gave me some really useful information, and I already have tons of ideas! I use it as a supplemental right now, but I really want my school to purchase an account so we can use it all the time! I am going to show the website to my students, giving them a small overview on it. I know they will love it because some used BrainPop in their old schools. Together, we will write a persuasive letter to our principal giving her great reasons why they would benefit from a program like this. It is comprehensive and structured which is exactly what my students need! Thanks again!

    • andrewg

      @ascordato Awesome Idea! Getting kids involved in collaborative persuasive writing can make a huge impact!

  • margaretbenedetto

    I am providing support for a third grade boy who, while born in the US, lives in a non-English speaking home. His learning gaps grow larger each year. He isn’t a traditional ESL learner but I am hoping some things I learned today will help him catch up with background knowledge. My school has a BrainPop subscription but I want to find out if any ESOL teachers are tuned into this specific resource.

    • margaretbenedetto

      I probably should have mentioned (unless it is obvious to you all), his mother can’t offer any support at home because she is struggling, not understanding English. He is an only child and his parents are divorced. I could see him blossom with some of the applications of this program.

      • bevf

        Hi Margaret,

        I’m so glad that BrainPOP ESL will be helpful with your student. You know that it’s accessible 24/7, so, if they have a computer, his mother might also enjoy learning together with him at home.

  • sheinen

    I enjoyed the webinar, especially the explanation regarding how the lessons are structured in a common sense way that is easy to understand and follow. I appreciate the slower rate of speech in the ESL program, along with the rate of speech that Annie uses in BrainPop Jr. There have been many times that I wished the Brainpop videos had slower speech so my older students could ‘keep up’ more easily!

  • egennaro

    I have used the trial version before but did not realize all that was available to me. My students are all ages and levels and I really think I will be able to use many things.The lesson plans look great. The webinar was certainly well worth the time. I appreciated the immediate feedback from the staff. Thank you.

  • prcam62

    The Webinar was excellent, I did a training with some ESL teachers and they loved how the website has so many options for their ESL students. I thoroughly enjoyed Bev’s presentation.

  • scarpag

    What a wonderful webinar! I have had ESL students in my classroom for years and I think it’s great to find a product that truly understands ESL students. All components of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are well developed. I’m glad to have learned how to effectively utilize this service with my ESL kiddos! Thanks again!

  • mylamccoy

    I teach English on the high school level which is geared more toward literature analysis instead of language development. Have an ESL student in my class can be difficult because high school English curriculum is not set up to support teaching a student the rules of language. Using BrainPOP tools to enhance grammar and vocabulary study is great! This is a great supplemental tool for students on all levels. I really like that there is a “flashback” or review for each of the grammar units. Review is always good because most people, native speakers or not, will not catch on to the information be being introduced to it only one time. Thank you for providing us with this tool!

  • srivlin

    Thanks for a wonderful webinar! I teach special education and cannot wait to use this site with my students! I feel like the lessons, games, activities, and skills will be perfect to help reinforce the skills they are learning everyday. I am excited to use some of the features on the smartboard.

  • snolan

    I am new to this site. I did enjoy the webinar. I will be using the ideas in my ESL classroom beginning tomorrow. I do need to learn more on how to integrate BrinPop with my smartboard. Thanks for the information that was provided.

  • http://BrainPOP.com andrewg

    Hi @snolan! Check out our IWB resources page for ideas about using BrainPOP on your smart board! http://www.brainpop.com/educators/interactive_whiteboard_resourcesv2/

  • kristycrawford

    I have recently been collaborating with an ESL/special education teacher, and she will be excited to learn some of the things that I gleaned from this seminar.

  • krisbb23

    The Everything ESL with Bev Fine was a great webinar. There was lots of helpful information that can be incorporated in the classroom.

  • anavasquez

    I work with ESL kids everyday and love this because it helps me have a different way to help them.

  • magic82475

    I like how BrainPOP ESL can be used as a standalone educational resource. I especially like how every lesson centers around a grammatical topic. As a middle school language arts teacher, I’m always looking for ways to help my ESL students supplement their learning in the classroom. When other students are free reading, I can have my ESL students work with BrainPOP ESL.

  • fabiolal

    I really enjoyed the webinar and look foward to using this as a future resource. I loved it for integrating technology. I liked that alot of the activities were interactive and something my students would really enjoy. There was alot of vocabulary and visuals that would not only help ESL students but struggling readers as well. I love the “hear it say it” option and will really use it in my classroom

  • amberbaines

    I’m currently taking TESOL at Christopher Newport Univesrity and loved this webinar. I look forward to taking the ideas and information I learned and sharing it with my professor and classmates! Thanks!

  • uncfan1

    That was a great webinar and I learned a lot of valuable information. ESL students are becoming more common than ever before and any knowledge we can get on how to work with these students is beneficial. This webinar will help me prepare for working with ESL students in the future.