Webinar Alert: Rejoice for BrainPOP’s Research Resources!

Wednesday, February 15 6:30PM:
Rejoice for BrainPOP’s Researching Resources!

Lisa Parisi, 4th grade teacher at the Denton Ave School in New Hyde Park NY, hosts this session full of tips and ideas for using BrainPOP as a non-fiction research tool. Lisa takes you beyond our movies, delving into our Q&As, FYIs, and other supporting features. You’ll leave wondering how your students ever researched without BrainPOP!


  • freelilly

    I just attended Lisa Parisi’s webinar Rejoice for BrainPop Researching Resource. There was so much new to me that I am looking forward to using InstaGrok and youblisher.com. Thank you so much.

    • andrewg

      I really loved instagrok too . . . kids who are drawn to the visual explanations on BrainPOP will likely enjoy the visual element of researching with the tool. However, when I did some more “playing” I noticed that some of the content it highlighted was not too high quality.

  • eileenprice

    This was a great webinar. Thank you. Besides the Brainpop info., all the other websites were invaluable to help my kids learn to do research.

  • reneemom

    This webinar was very informative! This was was second webinar with Brainpop. I like the fact that the facilitator took her time and did not rush. It was great to actually talk after the hour was up!I found the rubric interesting!

    • andrewg

      Yay! We’re always glad when you feel your time with us was valuable. It also reminds me that rubistar is a great online rubric utility!

  • mrsdascanio

    I am so excited to see more resources available at Brainpop, plus more great web resources to add to my favorites list.

  • williamdking

    I’m a Special Education Computer Teacher, focused on project based assignments. I use BrainPop all year long. I was very impressed with Lisa’s presentation and her introduction of http://www.intagrok.com and http://www.youblisher.com.

  • htaylorfox

    Thanks for taking us through the research cycle, with BrainPop as a starting point, moving on to places to store and collaborate, and finally present.

  • madonnakabbalah

    I definitely didn’t think to use BrainPOP as a researching tool. Thank you Lisa, for this informative webinar, and explaining how you integrate it into your current teaching. Since I teach 1st grade, I’m going to have my students start researching with BrainPOP Jr., and I’d like to have them share their new information in different ways, similar to how your students do with glogs, vokis, videos, etc.

  • williamdking

    I’m a Special Education Computer teacher focused on project based assignments for middle school students. I use BrainPop all year long. I was very impressed with Lisa’s presentation and her introduction of instagrok and youblisher. Excellent

  • hswift

    I plan to take Lisa Parisi’s advice on using Brainpop to my Elem. teachers. I like the tech tool kit idea of teaching them how to use all the creativity tools and then choosing whichever one they want to present their research.

  • reneemom

    I shared info. from yesterdays webinar with teachers I work with. They are excited! Thank you!

  • tekteech7

    What a great webinar! Lisa gave us a nice tour of BrainPOP’s rich content and media and also provided us with some other excellent web-based resources. Thank you!!!

    • andrewg

      I hope you liked the quick overview of GameUp! It’s BrainPOP’s newest offering of games that complement the topics we cover. It’s out hope that people who trust us for making good digital content, will trust our game curation skills too!

  • reneemom

    I look forward to the next webinar! Thanks again!Highly recommended!

  • reneemom

    I really like the book Lisa showed us!

  • oreokopp

    Great webinar, lots of good information. Thanks so much.

  • mollymr

    I was so disappointed to miss this webinar last night so had to wait until this morning to view it! I highly recommend it! I’m very excited about youpublisher. So many resources!!! Lisa, thank you so much for all the information. I plan on sharing with the teachers at my school. I look forward to the next webinar!

    • andrewg

      Awesome Molly, we’re glad that you accessed and listened this morning. Next Wednesday’s webinar is with BrainPOP’s own Bev Fine. She will explain how BrianPOP ESL is a not only a great resource for English language learners, but good for studying grammar in general!

  • irimsaleem

    Just attended the webinar with Lisa Parisi. It was really informative and I got to see great ways to use technology in my classroom.

  • suewhitehouse

    This was a great webinar! I like the way I can search for one thing and then get related topics to go more indepth. I wish I had more time to learn all the other great tools that were mentioned. Thanks!

  • jeniferw1

    Great webinar. Liked learning about instaGrok and youblisher. Hope to use them soon.

  • mylamccoy

    I had never thought to use BrainPOP as a researching tool. On the high school level, my students use several databases to find information to support research projects. Although it seems that information presented by the speaker was geared toward a younger student’s needs (rightfully so because she is a 4th grade teacher), using BrainPOP as a starting point to get the “research ball rolling” is a good thing. Thank you for the information. :-)

  • kgaut30

    This webinar was very informative! I love the tool kit idea allowing students to choose the format they want for their research. I am very excited about youpublisher and InstaGrok. The FYI is a great way for them to build on important information. Is’s a great entry point for kids to begin research. Thank you.

  • nbrandon

    Great Webinar! One of my issues is I get so hooked on simply using the movies as a complement to lessons that I forget about all of the other resources BrainPop has to offer — with research tool being one of those resources! youpublisher and InstaGrok are exciting tools. I’m looking forward to incorporating these elements into my students’ research projects!

  • prcam62

    This was a great webinar and Lisa had so many resources to offer.

  • kristycrawford

    While it seemed geared toward younger students, I really appreciate the resources that I will explore and share with my high school writers.

  • leonard.nat

    As a history teacher, I am always looking for new tools for my students to use to help them better understand the content we are discussing. These research tools will be a great starting point for my kids to access when beginning a new topic or when working on a project. Thanks for the break down of how to use these resources!

  • wrena

    Thanks for sharing these great resources. I am looking forward to learning more ways that I can integrate BrainPop activities into my classroom instruction.

  • krisbb23

    Great technology webinar not only was the brainpop information good so were the other websites. Thanks again

  • justinalexander

    This was a great webinar. The Brainpop info was great and with all of the other web resources my students will be ready to do any research project.

  • uncfan1

    Yet again another awesome webinar that had a lot of great information. I loved how much variety there was for the web resources. These resources will defiantly be helpful for my students when doing research for projects.