Lesson Plans for Presidential Primary Day

Lesson Plans for Presidential Primary Day

Posted by SM Bruner on

Many BrainPOP Educators are using the latest developments in the presidential election campaigns to teach their students about democracy, voting, presidential responsibilities, and more. Our movies from the BrainPOP U.S. Government and Law unit and BrainPOP Jr. Government notebook can help! Here are some updated lesson plans to help you use BrainPOP to engage your class in meaningful conversations and activities about the 2012 presidential elections:

Grades K-3
The President
Your Right to Vote

Grades 3-5
Let’s Vote For Our President
Battle for the Presidency
Your Opinion Matters
Your Right to Vote
The Election

Grades 5-8
Direct Democracy vs. Representative Democracy
Path to Be the President
Choosing the President of the United States
Cast Your Vote

Grades 9-12
Cast Your Vote

Are you incorporating the debates and primaries into your classroom instruction? Share your ideas in the comments, or submit a lesson plan of your own!