Webinar Alert: Inspiring Through Game Design with Globaloria

Join us for Wednesday’s webinar at 4:30PM ET.

At BrainPOP we’re committed to providing high quality games not only through GameUp but by supporting game design projects in multiple education settings. To that end, we welcome Shannon Sullivan, Vice President of World Wide Workshop, for this special webinar on the Workshop’s Globaloria game design curriculum and social network for learning. She’ll explain how it’s inspiring innovation and learning among thousands of students across the country.


  • andrewg

    You can see the video that we watched during the webinar here http://www.worldwideworkshop.org/reports/vftf/students

  • loraringler

    I found the entire program interesting. I will definitely be looking in to your program to see if my school might be able to do this program sometime in the future. But I do know where to have my kids go check out games other kids have created.

  • doularebbitzen

    I found the philosophy of Globaloria so similar to that of my Early Childhood environment. Their curriculum provides guidance i components of development for students to learn though play and development that is supported yet independent. This play scaffolds their development, it is this scaffolding rather than spiraling, that will be necessary for the future development of our society.

  • michelecrain

    It was very interesting to learn about the actual idea of having my students design and program games. I, myself, am not computer savy and I feel I need more information myself before I can be effected for my students. The concept is great and I know the students of today would really enjoy and flourish in a program like this one. Michele Crain DIS

  • muchacho1

    The webinar was fun. Thanks. As a Spanish teacher I still do not see how I could build such technology with my students and deliver my content at the same time but it is a very interesting and stimulating way to teach if one happens to be a technology teacher! Hats off to you. I will pass this on to a colleague that uses such innovations in his tech. class as often his students fall into the ‘at risk’ catagory. In this day of limited finances it is nice to know that there are alternative financing possibilities, i.e.:grants, etc. for this program.
    David Kohrs

  • kimsnowdon

    The Globaloria webinar was interesting. I work with 4th and 5th graders, primarily, so the program may not be appropriate for us. Budget contraints are also an issue. I wonder if it’s possible for students to work with a mobile lab, as our computer lab is packed and hard to schedule sessions. I may look into other ways to utilize BrainPOP resources in my classroom.

  • renway

    Globaloria looks like a great program. It is a great way to get students so much more excited about learning and creating. I can see how it can take a “boring” class room and make it come alive. It is a great way to combine modern technology with learning.

  • specialmom55

    i really enjoyed the session. it was very helpful because i didn’t know about the different programs in the web such as scratch,game star mechanic, etc.
    i’m in k-5 education and i think we’ll be interested too.
    my school likes to get in on new and innovative ideas
    i’ll be joining you guys again!
    janet hunter

  • cowboys01

    I just completed the webinar “Inspiring Through Game Design” and what I was most impressed with is the self motivation it gives the students and also the teamwork involved to design a game. This is an experince that the students would likely never have it it were not for BrainPOP.

  • mollymr

    I just completed the archived webinar and really enjoyed it. I really think it will be a great tool for my students! Too often the students become “bored” with old ways of learning so this would be a wonderful way to get the students excited and engaged. It allows the students to become active participants in their learning.

  • cathybreeden

    I enjoyed the webinar….in our classroom we use the brainpop jr. movies in contents with what we are studying for the week. I am in the 3-4 year old classroom so movies are good for our age group…the games seem very interesting for the older age group…thanks Cathy

  • sdimas

    I love that the students use their imagination!! It empowers them and allows them to build on the skills they aleady have!! The games are geared more for the older students.

  • mylamccoy

    I was drawn to this webinar because the word “Inspire” was in the title. After viewing the webinar, I could completely understand why students would be inspried by what the use of Globaloria in the classroom would offer them. The fact that the entire curriculum is student-driven was enough to make me want to sign up. :-) Students need to learn how to be leaders. This program will defintely do that. Also, introducing students to social issues is important on all educational levels. They need to be just as informed as the teachers/ other adults are. Having them work in teams is also another way to teach students how to successful and considerate global citizens. I really do like the idea of Globaloria and what using the program will do to advance students academically and socially.

  • kristycrawford

    I believe that students working together in this way will help them become better learners and teammates. What drew me to this webinar was the Globaloria because my high school World Literature students to do a research project on world social issues. I am interested in figuring out a way to work this into our research.

  • r.stanley1989

    One of the big things for me as a teacher is to motivate the students and with the information from this webinar, I have more ideas how to motivate and other ways that they can motivate themselves. Today more and more students are interested in playing games and anyway you can get and educational concept into a game the better it will be for the students to learn and have fun.