12 Resolutions for 2012

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

In 2012, we pledge to help each and every BrainPOP educator.

Here is a list of 12 promises that we make to you.

We will help you by. . .

12)  providing lesson plans with ideas for using BrainPOP content with your students.

11) sharing best practice with stories from our guest bloggers.

10) mobilizing your classroom with our mobile apps.

9) supporting you to consider and implement game based learning with our offerings on GameUp.

8 ) providing community groups and forums for you to share ideas and comments with fellow BrainPOP educators.

7) sharing new ideas and training through our webinar series.

6) holding contests with prizes (like highly coveted BrainPOP T-shirts) for you!

5) listening to your suggestions and ideas for how to improve BrainPOP and BrainPOP Educators.

4) exposing you to our partner educational organizations.

3) supporting all the new BrainPOP features that will come in 2012 (no links here, because they aren’t announced yet, stay tuned!)

2) Aligning all our content with state and common core standards.

1) continuing it do all this for free!

Thanks for using BrainPOP and being a part of this community.  In 2012 we have many exciting improvements coming your way. We look forward to an excellent year together!