BrainPOP Animator Inspires Students via Skype!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Multimedia and animation teacher Chris Murphy from Newton Massachusetts, shares his experience with BrainPOP animator Amber Alvarez’s virtual visit to his animation class.  By bringing an animation expert into class, Chris connected with BrainPOP in a whole new way!

I appreciate BrainPOP’s help with my Interactive Multimedia class. A few weeks ago,  we arranged a guest appearance via Skype with Amber Alvarez- one of the animators. She was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgable as she explained how to synchronize a voice with various mouth shapes. She clearly explained the use of graphic symbols in Macromedia Flash and how they are used for synchronization. Amber’s enthusiasm was contagious. Right after our virtual meeting, my students couldn’t wait to try this new technique.  I know my student’s will do their best work because they know that a professional animator from BrainPOP gave them guidance. I’m certain that our virtual meeting with Amber will be the highlight of the year for my students.


Thanks for sharing Chris, we look forward to seeing your students’ work!