Webinar Alert: Digital Citizenship for Everyone

Digital Citizenship for Everyone: Resources for Students, Teachers, and Families
Wednesday, November 9th
6:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Are your students safe, responsible, and respectful online? Kelly Mendoza of Common Sense Media hosts this webinar highlighting the ways BrainPOP helps build digital citizenship skills. See how our resources and those offered by Common Sense work together, creating fresh ideas and easy-to-implement tools.


  • http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators Kelly Mendoza

    I look forward to talking with you all about creating a positive community of digital citizenship with students, schools, and families and home. Hope to see you there!

  • andrewg

    You can leave your comments and ideas for using BrainPOP and Commonsense media with your students, teachers and parents in our community forums! Here is the link!

  • AGarcia

    I really enjoyed the webinar on Digital Citizenship for Everyone. I plan to use the lesson with my compuer classes, I teach 3rd grade – 6th grade. Since my students are younger I will utilize the BrainPop Jr. movie clips on internet safety followed by the BrainPop movie clips on digital citizenship maybe a do some role modeling situation in class. I will inlcude this lesson within the next few weeks before the students go home for the holidays where most of them will have computer access at home and maybe some without parents around. Thank you for all the wonderful information.

  • shanepacelli

    I just attended the webinar about Digital Citizenship. I greatly enjoyed learning about Common Sense media. I thought this webinar was more about citizenship in brain pop. I was pleased to find out that it was more than that. It was great to see another incredible resource out there. I am a computer aide at an elementary school. I look forward to browsing this new website and sharing it with my colleagues. I often look up educational websites and email them to my fellow staff members. I know many of them will love the numerous resources that common sense has to offer. Thank you for this webinar!

    Shane Pacelli

  • mcornejo

    I greatly enjoyed this webinar on Digital Citizenship! The part that I like best is that there are multiple ways to reach all groups with technology, such as students, parents, & much to share with my peers at school. I have already utilized some of the lesson plan resources provided by Brain Pop. My first goal is to expose my 3rd grade students to some of the activites that they can access over the holiday break. I also plan to share many of these new & exciting ideas with my team, so that we can implement digital citizenship across the grade level.

  • kieryan

    The webinar Wednesday night was great. I enjoyed learning about Common Sense Media, especially about our digital footprint. These videos/activities can be used across many grade levels, and special areas. Thanks!

  • talih

    In NYC? Then let’s continue the digital citizenship conversation at this event addressing student Internet use in schools: The World at Their Fingertips? Student Internet Access and Control: On November 17 from 4pm-6pm EST at the Interchurch Center at 475 Riverside Dr. NYC, join Common Sense Media and Teaching Matters for an eye-opening conversation about the promise and perils of Internet technology in schools. How much student Internet access is just enough? How much is too much? Our diverse panel of experts will discuss Internet ethics, filtering, the role of instructional technology, legal and regulatory issues and the everyday challenges facing school practitioners. For more information and to RSVP visit http://www.commonsense.org/teachingmatters
    The event will be live streamed by Yahoo!Safely at http://safely.yahoo.com/safety-tips/webcast. Follow the event at #netinschools

  • Ms. Kelly Sunday

    I loved the Digital Citizenship webinar! No matter how old or young our kids are, we use BrainPop to introduce topics. During our Red Ribbon Week, we show BrainPops over Drugs and Health. I saw in the Webinar, that their are topics of Cyberbulling and Internet safety. Our school is HUGE into making awareness over this, so I will try and bring this to our school to raise more awarenenss during Bullying week, as Cyberbulling has been a problem in our school. Great information. I think our students nowadays are so connected, that we cannot shy them away from digital media, but we can help teach them the right and wrongs of it.

  • massicok1

    I follow CSM and enjoyed learning more about it. I plan to do more with the resourses as I teach Library/Media to students in grades k-4. I think my 4th graders will benefit by learning about our digital footprint. I participated in 2 other webinars on this topic, but have to say, I found this one to be more in line with my younger students and our curriculum. Keep up the good work!

  • tlroberts

    Being a computer teacher in TN, I found the resources available at Common Sense Media to be excellent. I actually used the lesson about digital footprints for my evaluation. The lesson was very well planned out and included wonderful animated video clips which really involved my students and made them think about their own digital footprints both in the present and in the future. Brain Pop has been a favorite tool of mine for several years now. I’m excited about the possibilities of combining both Brain Pop and Common Sense Media tools in my classroom!

  • jeniferw1

    Great webinar. Plan to introduce my students to these video clips.

  • mylamccoy

    One main focus of what I teach my students is how to be a good citizen…period. Being respectful, grateful, and humble are character traits that I hope my students take with them after they are no longer in my class. This is why the title of this webinar jumped out at me! Students may behave well in person, but in the last few years, as technology and social networking has grown, students know less and less about being good digital citizens. Also, I appreciate how the teachers and the parents were included in this webinar too. It truly does take a village to raise a child. This webinar was more helpful to me than I could ever express (especially the digital footprint). Thank you for focusing on the importance of this topic.