‘Pedagogical Pain Points’ – Your Input on Educational Games

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Beth Quinn is Research Director at Filament Games. Prior to joining Filament’s team, Dr. Quinn was a professor of sociology, specializing in the Sociology of Law and qualitative methods. She brings almost two decades of teaching experience and a passionfor innovative approaches to teaching and research to her work at Filament. Dr. Quinn received her Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of California-Irvine.  Today, as BrainPOP announces our STEM game design event,  Dr. Quinn asks for your guidance on future offerings from Filament Games.

What topic plagues you year after year? The topic that students consistently have trouble understanding, find excruciatingly boring, or simply can’t relate to. You try different methods, but every year it’s the same old struggle. You can’t drop it because it’s foundational to the field or it’s mandated by state standards. Anyone who has ever taught knows these frustrations. I like to call them “Pedagogical Pain Points.”


I work with a talented team at Filament to create educational video games that help teachers turn Pedagogical Pain Points into Pedagogical Victories. Filament Games is working to develop games that function as core teaching tools for topics that are foundational to your field or are consistently difficult for your students to grasp. Filament is the primary game developer for the renowned iCivics middle school civics education website and have developed science games for the award-winning JASON Project. We’re especially excited about the middle school science games that we’re developing in-house.

We need your input!
We’ve put together a short survey (only 27 questions!) to gather information about the top PPPs of K-12 teachers. We’ll use this information to inform the design and development of our next set of games. It should take less than 15 minutes to complete. To take the survey, go to: