Webinar Alert: If We Build It, They Will Come!

BrainPOP Educators: If We Build It, They Will Come!
Thursday, October 20
6:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Andrew Gardner and Jessica Storer of BrainPOP Educators give you an extensive overview of the BrainPOP Educators community. Hear about the breadth of resources we offer, from lesson plans to graphic organizers to our newest feature, interactive community groups and forums. See the mechanisms we have in place to help you share, support, and interact with more than 145,000 fellow BrainPOP Educators. We can’t wait to see you participating in our robust community!

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  • Jen P

    Great webinar. It hope to use the community more and get ideas from others. I also can’t wait to use the wealth of information in the lesson plans and maybe submit some of my own.

  • delucad222

    Graphic organizers is a wonderful feature for teachers as well as the clip are and lesson plan feature…I look forward to sharing this information with my co-workers. Thank you = )

  • mshogel

    A lot of great information – sometimes I forget the other things that are offered on BrainPop Educator. I use the videos and quizzes often, now I’ll add more Moby to the classroom. :)

  • pswiatek01

    Haven’t really used many of the graphic organizers, but am looking forward to exploring that area this school year. Thanks, guys!

    • andrewg

      If you have some success with the BrainPOP graphic Organizers, let us know! We’d love to hear how they helped!

  • http://www.mrjgonzalez.com Jerry Gonzalez

    This was excellent webinar helped to direct teachers to various blogs, links, groups and how to navigate your way through Brainpop for Educators. I advise that if you are an educator and use Brainpop on a daily basis, please sign up for Brainpop for Educators. It is a great resource to use and to share your ideas with our colleagues. I just want to thank Andrew and others for this great online webinar.

    • andrewg

      Hi Jerry, it was a pleasure! Please let us know if there are any suggestions. We want to make BrainPOP Educators as useful as can be!

  • 3rdgradeecs

    Another great webinar–haven’t seen one that’s not! I can’t believe the # of resources you have on here. Love the typable graphic organizers, and the idea of using it w/kids with the smartboard. Even tho I had tooled around BPedu, I still learned so much in that hour and took notes galore. Thanks again for all you do, BrainPop!

  • AGarcia

    Thank you for a great webinar! I am glad I decided to go back and view it a second time because I got a lot of information I will be able to use. I will be using BrainPop & BrainPop Jr during a professional development and am glad that you already have great resources for me to use. I plan to use the lesson plans page and calendar of events. Thank you for all the great information and ideas.

  • jillcollins

    Thank you for pointing out all the great resources you have! I love the homeschool community and can’t wait to look in there. I really appreciate the standards you have listed with each topic, very helpful as a homeschooler! Thanks!

  • jeniferw1

    The graphic organizers are so beneficial to visual learners. I appreciate the webinar and am now aware of great resources to use in my classroom.

  • lkuris

    It was wonderful how see how organized the educators page is. There are so many resources to use. I LOVE that they have all of the standards in one easy to find search section!

  • sdimas

    I love the lesson plans! They are easy to use and free! Being able to find information for the common core and state standards is a plus!!

  • nbrandon

    “If We Build It, They Will Come” is an appropriate title for this presentation — and hopefully this Webinar will help other Brainpoppers like me to expand on simply using the BrainPop movies as lesson complements. My favorite part (from many highlights) of the Educators site is the lesson plans for middle school social studies; my only regret is that I didn’t watch this Webinar earlier in the school year so I could incorporate more of the available lessons in my curriculum! The cool thing is that the Educators site also strikes me as a DEFINITE work in progress, so I’ll be checking it regularly to see what resources are added. Thanks for creating yet-another instantly applicable Webinar!

    Nick Brandon
    Discovery Middle School
    Canton, Mich.

    *** Please send a certificate to nicholas.brandon@pccsmail.net. Thanks for all you do to help young people love learning! ***

  • kkoch3

    Thank you Jessica and Andrew for the overview of BrainPOP Educators. As a “newbie”, it was great to see all the interactive things that educators can do with both students and within the eduction community. I’m excited use the curriculum calendar, the activity pages and graphic organizers. Just want to say that the closed captioning option is an awesome addition to the movies. I work with emotional support students and one of them really seems to comprehend the concepts a lot better when he listens and reads along. I’ll definitely recommend this webinar to others!