BrainPOP Educators Share Their Thoughts About Steve Jobs

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Last week, we called on you, our dear BrainPOP Educators, to share your thoughts about Steve Jobs’ influence on your classroom. We received many responses via Facebook, Twitter and right here on the BrainPOP Educators blog. The diversity of answers was a testament to the impact of the man, the company and the products.  Many educators were excited about the advent of user friendly mobile technology.

Jessica from Georgia remarked on the “motivation, creativity, teamwork and innovation” she observed when her students brought their own iOS for BYOT (bring your own technology) day at school.  She added “of course, we all had the BrainPOP app!”   Glad to hear it Jess!

Renee from Illinois described the change in pedagogy that happened with the use of Apple devices, “my students are motivated to learn in ways THEY want to learn, not ways I want them to learn or the way I USED TO learn”  Marilyn, another teacher from the great state of Georgia, described the change in classroom life after receiving a grant for an iPod lab. “With the immediate feedback – students would ASK if they could redo (their work) – for a higher score!!!!”

On the BrainPOP Educators blog, Fran said, “The computer always had a brain. Steve Jobs gave the computer a personality and some sass!”  Talking about sass, we think the Julie from Texas takes the cake with her comment. . . though not connected to the impact on her classroom, she explained, “I fell for my husband on a Mac shopping trip!”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Steve Jobs with us here at BrainPOP.  We enjoyed reading your tales of the positive impact he made in the professional (and in Julie’s case, personal) lives of educators.