Webinar Alert: Spotlight on BrainPOP Jr.

Spotlight on BrainPOP Jr.
Wednesday, October 12
4:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Join special guest Karina Linch, Senior Vice President of BrainPOP Product Management, for this inside look at BrainPOP Jr. Having helped build BrainPOP Jr. from the ground up, Karina brings a unique perspective to all its offerings. She’ll talk about the scope and sequence of its topic page and highlight the countless ways you can incorporate BrainPOP Jr. into a typical week at school. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to engage with a product developer and avail yourself of her terrific mind for early childhood education!

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  • prince_j_l

    Thanks for a great webinar. I plan on using word walls more and now know new ways to use Belly Up by printing and covering up the last bubble.

  • jayneedgewood

    It’s always good to refresh! Karina did AWESOME (except in my head, she still looks like Annie.) I need to use Brainpop Educators more. I’m off to explore more…
    (Lesley 1)

  • delucad222

    Thanks for a great webinar very helpful… All the I like how brainpop offers different activities with each lesson topic… that way educators can break up the way they teach…example ~ writing activity one day and quiz another day

  • cici2011

    Thanks for the great webinar. I watched an archived one yesterday. This is my school’s first year to have a subscription….and I will pay it for myself from now on if I have to! LOL I am very interested in using BrainPopJr. in my Promethean flipcharts. The kids have absolutely loved using the BrainPop…..we have used the quizzes in so many ways! Thanks again.

  • pswiatek01

    Great ideas. Always learn something new – never knew about the calendar, and what could be done through the Word Wall. Thanks!

  • ky_flynn

    Great ideas. can’t wait to look into the IAW information to use with our SMART board. Also looking forward to looking more at the graphic organizer to use in our projects. ~Thanks!

  • hescobedo242

    Thank you for this insightful webinar. Up until now, I have only used the video aspects of the website. I can’t wait to delve into the other features with my students. I am particularly interested in the graphic organizers, whiteboard applications, and the Belly Up component. Thanks again!

  • gladi30

    Thanks for the useful information shared. I am new at brainpop and I know my kids will be excited when we begin to integrate the activities into our curriculum.

  • shanismal

    I am new at BrainPop but the informations that they showed me excites me especially I’ll be a teacher in the future, BrainPop offers a lot of opportunities for children to learn aside from using pen and paper.It will be a great help especially those who are teaching in early childhood education. I’m looking forward to use BrainPoP Jr. in teaching my future students.

  • andrewg

    From user Diane:

  • flps-gthompson42

    The program was so enlightening. I don’t know that the word wall was so expanded and the program works so well with my lesson plans for the Head starts and PreK levels

  • dlr731

    Very informative. Love the word walls. Looking forward to using in class!

  • mskatiefleschner

    I loved Karina’s ideas! The most intriguing idea was spreading out different aspects of BrainPopJr. (quizzes, activities, belly up, word wall, etc.) over a week or so. I tend to compile them into one lesson but am willing to try her strategy. Thank you!

  • arlene.garcia

    Thank you for the webinar on Spotlight on BrainPop Jr. It was very interesting and informative. I am a Computer Teacher and I used it today to review my lesson on computer hardware and software. The kids enjoyed the movie and did well on the easy and hard quiz. I also printed the activity pages which the students completed for a grade. I have already trained the 1st grade teachers to use BrainPop Jr with their interactive board and they have applied it in their lesson plans. I am eager to learn more since the school I work for paid for a subscription to BrainPop and would like to get good use out of it. Thank you again.

  • jillcollins

    Thank you Karina for the information! I’m a homeschool teacher, but lots of the ideas can be easily applied. I really like using the Belly Up cartoons, covering up the bottom, and having the student finish it. Thanks again!

  • jluciano88

    Thank you Karina and Andrew for really strengthening my understanding of Brainpop Jr. I will certainly be using the videos, and quizes with my students. But what I loved to learn about the most was the Word Wall. My students are in Kindergarten and First grade and a word wall is an essential part of their Language Arts program. Thank you again for giving me a better understanding of Brainpop Jr. We will certainly be using it more often!!!!

  • kristineblackwell

    Just watched this from the archives. Great ideas but I think I’ll need to spend time exploring all the options the site has. I do love the graphic organizers and will definetly be using them on my star board!

  • lmsledge1

    I’ve been using BrainPop Jr. for a while, but this webinar gave me some great tips to get more out of it. I just used the classifying animals video this week, in fact. Someone in the comment box suggested using the closed captions and doing a grammar lesson with it…pick out the nouns or verbs…great idea!

  • cowboys01

    I have just completed Sptlight on BrainPOP Jr with Karina Linch. Karina you did a great job. I love the easy quiz/hard quiz option, games and Draw About It! I like the fact that you can stop the movies at any time and the scrub tool. Thank you!