Animals Around the World Unite! It’s World Animal Day!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

World Animal Day has been celebrated every October 4th since 1931, when a group of ecologists started the event as a way to heighten public awareness of humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom and to acknowledge the integral role animals play in our daily lives. Since then, this worldwide celebration of all creatures great and small has also become an opportunity to reflect on animal welfare issues such as poaching, cruelty and habitat encroachment.

With that in mind, BrainPOP invites you to celebrate World Animal Day with us this October 4th! In addition to the featured BrainPOP movies on such species as Elephants, Pandas, and Honeybees, not to mention lesson plans on BrainPOP Educators, you can learn more by visiting the World Animal Day website.

Our friends at IMAX® will also be celebrating World Animal Day with us. Back in April, we partnered with IMAX to sponsor a lesson plan contest. The prize? A class trip to see the acclaimed IMAX documentary Born to be Wild 3D. This beautifully filmed movie tells the extraordinary stories of the heroes who help orphaned elephants and orangutans in the Kenyan savannah and the rainforests of Borneo. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, the movie is still playing at select IMAX theaters

Though we hope you enjoy World Animal Day, Moby wanted us to remind you that he will let you know if anyone declares an official “World Robot Day.”

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