Webinar Alert: Teaching Civics Through Games

GameUp: Teaching Civics Through Games
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Are you struggling to find a way to teach students how to engage with their communities and with the government responsibly? Through GameUp, we’re proud to feature games by iCivics that do just that. Through games like Branches of Power and Argument Wars, students learn to navigate through a system to achieve a goal. Join our partners at iCivics and learn how these motivating games emphasize process, not abstract facts and figures, and truly require very little prep from busy teachers!

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  • mylamccoy

    I am an English teacher, but I have always been interested in the way government runs. When I saw this webinar advertised, I wanted to see how gaming could be used to teach such concrete information. The facilitators did an excellent job of keeping the game interactive. I could see how a student would be intrigued by this type of learning. Also, playing games in the classroom can be fun, which also means that students may not see the educational value in it. I really like that the facilitator of the webinar gave support for how one could use games as teaching tools (motivation / contextual learning / virtual identity / and ongoing feedback). Giving that information to the student will help him/her understand the purpose / objective of the activity. Thank you for the information!

  • wrena

    I thought that the webinar was very interesting. My marketing students participate in virtual business e-tailing and it is really interesting to see how running the virtual business empowers them to take initiative and work harder at their real jobs in the real world.

  • hsteinmiller

    I’d like to see some sort of library game–maybe a Dewey Decimal matching game or something.

  • aharriscdga

    I was excited to see what the Games offered in terms of Math, Reading, SS, and Science. I am so impressed with the level of skill and fun these games have! We have started doing centers during math time, and these are games I KNOW my kids will play for their fluency center, and problem solving center. They are engaging and I know I didn’t want to get off. I am also looking forward to playing with Mangahigh! Thank you again, and I cannot wait to share this with my fellow teachers!

  • mendenma

    I learned so much about the games from BrainPOP and MangaHigh during the Webinar. I will definitely share these with my colleagues. They were all fun to play, and I am sure my students will enjoy playing these!

  • bchadra

    The best thing about using toys and games is that students are engaged and interested. They don’t even realize that they are learning the core concepts that are necessary for success in life. Great job by the presenters in advocating some simple games that look quite promising — especially in the “boring” areas of math and science.