Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters Are Teachable Moments With BrainPOP

Posted by SM Bruner on

Late summer often coincides with wacky weather and other natural disasters, which is why we’re featuring our Natural Disasters Spotlight through the end of August. Worried about Hurricane Irene, currently threatening the Atlantic Coast? Show your students the BrainPOP movie on Hurricanes and the BrainPOP Jr. movie on Fast Land Changes to help them understand the havoc these storms can wreak. We’ve even got a Hurricanes flip chart and a Natural Disasters lesson plan ready for you to download.

Though unrelated to the season, our Natural Disasters Spotlight also features our Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics topics, which can help explain to youngsters the recent rumbles in Colorado and Virginia. In addition, the spotlight includes topics on Tsunamis, Floods, Tornadoes, and Thunderstorms. We hope you find these resources useful!