Webinar Alert: GameUp: Battleship Numberline

Engaging Students Through GameUp: Battleship Numberline
Wednesday, August 17, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

BrainPOP has partnered with some of the best educational game creators to bring you GameUp– a compilation of educational games that are aligned to standards and tie right in to your curriculum. Dixie Ching, of Numbaland, will join us to discuss the impact and the benefits of engaging kids through game play in the classroom. We’ll examine some of the best math games out there and share ideas to help you get up and running with integrating game play into your class.

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  • taddh

    I enjoyed this webinar in the sense that I could see how my students would love playing the games in class. High school students spend so much time online and playing games either online or on consoles. I think this is a great way to let kids bridge learning with something they want to do. If I were a Math teacher, I would use Battleship Numberline all the time. I only wish there were games for foreign language classes. I would definiately use those games in class.