Games in the Classroom? That’s Right! Introducing … GameUp

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Games? In the classroom? Seriously?

Yes. For students, games are where it’s at. We are beyond excited to share our newest development, GameUp™ As teachers, we know that games  – good games –  engage students, encourage creative, interactive problem solving, inspire inquiry, develop critical and systems thinking, all while providing ongoing feedback.  That’s why we’ve partnered wih some of the very best educational online games out there to bring you GameUp – a collection of top free online game titles – all tying right into your curriclum.

Teaching a unit on blood types? Play’s  “Blood Typing” game! Trying to impart a better understanding of civics? The iCivics game, “Argument Wars” is just the game for you. From Science to Math and Tech to Social Studies, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ve got the tools to help you turn your class into game designers themselves!

You can count on us for plenty of support as you get up and running with games in your classroom. In August – just in time for back-to-school, we’ll start a series of gaming-themed webinars with special guest experts. You can already take advantage of lesson plans and archived webinars to jumpstart your implementation.

We’ll be looking to you for feedback on your experiences, games you’d like to see added to GameUp, and additional support that would be helpful to you. We’re all ears!

So even though the school year is winding down, GameUp for next year! Play. Seriously.