February: New Content

The Latest on BrainPOP:

Middle Ages


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

♦ Barack Obama (coming later this month!)

♦ George W. Bush (coming later this month!)

The Latest on BrainPOP Jr.:

Continents and Oceans

Grams and Kilograms


Woodwind Instruments

  • Diann Coleman

    There is an icon for BrainPOP espanol. but I can’t find a link to any BrainPOP videos in spanish. What happened? These educational videos are SO awesome, and my ELL students who are not fluent in English always look so wistful when I give them other work to do, as their comprehension is obviously better in their native language. So, when will BrainPOP videos be offered in Spanish??
    Thank you.

  • allisyn

    Hey Diann! You’re right! Our BrainPOP content is translated into Spanish on BrainPOP Español. Here’s the link: