Webinar Alert: Combining Art & Technology to Go Beyond BrainPOP

Combining Art & Technology to Go Beyond BrainPOP
Wednesday, January 19, 2010
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

BrainPOP Educator Celebrity Liz Gatewood is back to share tons of inspiring ideas along with samples of student work. Learn how to strike a balance between projects on and offline, and walk away dreaming of new possibilities for collaboration with colleagues.

RSVP: http://beyondbrainpop.eventbrite.com/

  • Debbie Ivey

    This was a great session, I got a lot of wonderful ideas to try to integrate with classroom teachers. Please send a certificate when you can

  • Andrea McWhirt

    The webinar was really informative. I can’t wait to start combining BrainPop and Kerpoof.

  • heather141

    I like the Kerpoof art tools. Can’t wait to try this out soon!

  • donnah3

    These tools looked interested but when I went to the website I was disappointed to find out that it only extended to 8th grade. I teach high school science and would like to see some older, more advanced tools.