Guest Blog: Using BrainPOP in PE Class

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BrainPOP has made it’s way into the PE gym with all it’s wonderful health topics. BrainPOP videos can be shown in PE to help spark, introduce, clarify, or review students on many health related topics. Simply use a projection system to view BrainPOP videos in your PE gym. The short videos allow PE teachers to discuss what was taught in the video and incorporate that topic into the day’s PE or health lesson. This can also be set up as a station in the gym where students go from one location to other. They can explore the video and the various interactive features, including taking a quiz to check for understanding.

How I use BrainPOP in my PE class

BrainPOP is an extremely useful tool for me as a PE teacher. I am able to show students short videos in my PE class and then we discuss what we learned. I will use the BrainPOP video as a lead in to my health topic for the week and the day’s games. I also use BrainPOP when students have to sit out in my PE class due to illness or injury. They log on to my classroom computer and listen to BrainPOP videos. When they have viewed the video they can take the quiz and either print it out or email it to me. This is how I get their grade for the day, since they can not participate. BrainPOP has many tools after each video for students to explore through.

Maresa Pittman
Physical Education PE
Lively Elementary
Irving, Texas

Are you using BrainPOP to teach PE or Health? Share ideas below!

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