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Have you checked out BrainPOP Jr. today? We’ve made a few ch-ch-ch-changes that help improve usability.

Most notably, we increased the size of our movie-playing window on the topic page, so it hooks in students and captures their attention immediately. Users can now play the movie right in the topic page with closed captioning on!

Want to see it bigger? Select the “Movie Size” button for your choice of small, medium, or full screen. In the full screen mode, the movie will take over your entire screen–perfect for sharing with the whole class! Just click on “Esc” or click on the “Movie Size” button to exit the full screen mode. The medium screen mode is particularly helpful for interactive whiteboard users–you can have your tools or flipcharts open and play the movie at the same time. Of course, closed captioning is available on all modes.

Please note where we put the Lesson Ideas button, right at the bottom. That’s where you can access each topic’s background information and suggested activities for the classroom or for home. And of course, you still have the same access to all of BrainPOP Jr.’s leveled quizzes, activities, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and other engaging features.

If you don’t see the changes, be sure to clear the cache of your browser.

Do you have suggestions for improvements or comments about BrainPOP Jr.’s changes? Leave them here!