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Special Educator Teacher, Shelley Doherty, from Dater School in Ramsey, NJ, shares some helpful tips she and her colleagues compiled. Thanks, Shelley!

Our classified children are often distracted by the end of the lesson, so some of the teachers use BrainPOP to sum up the lesson. We find that they are more focused because they are excited to see a BrainPOP movie at the end of a lesson. Although it acts like a culmination review, you can keep students that are often “antsy” in class a little more focused with the promise of BrainPOP. They are now familiar with Tim and Moby and are beginning to call them by name. I think the familiarity is terrific for the students that need the continuity in their daily day schedule.

How do you use BrainPOP to help your students focus and pay attention? Please share comments below.