Webinar Alert: HOT & ActivExpressions

Higher Order Thinking & ActivExpression
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour
What do you get when you combine BrainPOP’s Higher Order Thinking features and Promethean ActivExpression? This webinar will offer tips and strategies for increasing student engagement and thinking in your 21st-century classroom.

RSVP: http://hotactivexpressions.eventbrite.com

  • Carol Taylor

    Please have one of these webinars in January! I missed this one. The one on ActivExpressions and higher level thinking skills! Thank you, Carol Taylor, Instructional Technologist, Greene County Middle school.

  • allisyn

    Hey Carol! Not to worry! We record all of our webinars. You can access them here:


    I will definitely plan another HOT/ActivExpression webinar sometime in the future (most likely won’t be January, though).


  • Doreen Sloan

    I watched the webinar for this earlier and had a laugh. In World of Warcraft HOTS are heal-over-time spells not higher order thinking skills, although you might need them to decide which spell to use in a given circumstance!

    I got my first brainpop subscription a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t had a chance to use it with my students yet, but plan to next week. I had thought to preview the quiz questions with my student before the movie, then give the quiz using the ActivExpressions. In the webinar, you gave the quiz as a pre-assessment, but didn’t show what you would do for a post-assessment.

    So, is the quiz intended as a pre-assessment? Would you give it again after the movie to see if students change their answers sort of like a KWL?

    I really like the follow up activities, just wish we could cut and paste the text on the Do It! questions so I could put each question on a separate Inspire page. Can’t complain too much cause you give so much material for us to use with each movie.

    I can’t wait to use this with my students next week when we are back from break.