Multimedia Projects for BrainPOP Jr.

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Kentucky Country Day School’s Lower School Technology Coordinator, Liz Gatewood never ceases to amaze me! She shared two outstanding projects that her classes recently completed. Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes tips, Liz!

The first project was drawings of germs that my 1st graders created. During the first few weeks of school, our science teacher does a “hand washing” unit.  So we watched the BrainPOP Jr. movie, “Washing Hands,” then we drew GERMS using Kerpoof!  They are so adorable!

The second project evolved from a unit on Community. My original lesson plan was to have the 2nd graders draw an actual picture of a community member (using Kerpoof).  The lesson took two classes – the first class we watched BrainPOP Jr.’s Community Helpers movie, took the quiz, read the Pop-a-joke and the Belly Up cartoon.  The students then used the remainder of the period to practice drawing (since I knew that drawing a community member would take the full 45 minutes).  After watching my students struggle with the practice round, I knew this wouldn’t work.  They were SOOOOO intimidated by having to draw an actual person.  I even tried it myself and it looked terrible!

SO, I decided to have them draw Moby as the community member.  It is so easy for them to draw a cartoon character – especially one that they know and love (black outline, orange fill)!!  Since they see Moby so often, it is easy for them to draw him (I kept a picture of Moby up on my SMART Board for them to copy).  They were excited, and focused for the entire lesson – they even asked when we get to draw Moby again!