November Spotlights

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Spotlight: Cool Tech

Body Scans, Cell Phones, Fireworks, the International Space Station, Nanotechnology, and Robots are just a few of the topics featured in Spotlight: Cool Tech. Download some new, cool tech-themed wallpaper and work the quiz on lasers into your lessons.

Spotlight: American Indians

November’s Spotlight: American Indians travels from what is now New York and Virginia to South Dakota and the Arctic, exploring the original denizens of this country. Topics include the Iroqouis Confederacy, Lewis & Clarke, Pocahontas, Inuit, Wounded Knee Massacre, Tecumseh, Westward Expansion and, for K-3, Pueblo and Cherokee. Have students take the quiz on American Indians, or avail yourself of the BrainPOP Educators lesson plan on the Trail of Tears.