Webinar Alert: Teaching and Learning English With BrainPOP ESL

Teaching and Learning English With BrainPOP ESL
Wednesday, October 27
4:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Tour BrainPOP ESL and get acquainted with its various components. Eight interactive features support each movie and reinforce lessons through practice in all four language skills. In addition, there are lively interactive games, quizzes, and lesson plans. Join us and explore the ways that BrainPOP ESL brings English-learning to life in the classroom.

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  • Melisse Martin

    I viewed this webinar because I have an ESL student in my classroom and her progress is slow. I was hoping that I would get some information that might help me as I differentiate my instruction for her. I do not believe that my school system has BrainPop ESL. I didn’t realize that it was not a part of BrainPop. I saw that I do many of the teaching techniques already (i.e. word sorts, introducing vocabulary before a movie or book) however I BrainPop ESL would be a wonderful resource to enhance learning. I think the way Nettreker and BrainPop ESL are intergrated is an amazing teaching tool.

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Tatum

    HI Melisse – So glad you are trying to find new ways to engage and differentiate instruction for your ESL student.

    If you want to try out BrainPOP ESL for free, here is the free trial link: https://secure.brainpop.com/trial/step1/.

    There are also several free lessons available that you can try with your student to see how she responds: http://www.brainpopesl.com/free_lessons/.