Guest Blog: BrainPOP, Promethean, and Parents

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Toya Gordon is an experienced classroom, ELL, and science cluster teacher, as well as a BrainPOP Educator! Thanks for sharing this idea with us, Toya!

Parent involvement is a crucial part of any child’s education, but in many instances, it’s on the decline.  Too often than not, we’ve all seen how a parent’s absence at a school event can have a big impact on any child.  We already know how to motivate our students using BrainPOP, but we can also use Moby and his friends to help engage and incorporate the parents as well!

Once a month, my school hosts a “Parents as Learning Partners” event.  On that day, parents are invited to actively participate in what their child is currently learning in the classroom.  Each month focuses on a different subject area, and the celebration is centered on a related game or learning activity.

What better way than to use BrainPOP to engage both students and parents?  If you have any types of celebrations like these at your school, you could begin by showing the video related to the focus of the month (such as addition or animals).  Then, using Promethean ActiVotes or ActivExpressions (if you are fortunate enough to have them), you could propose a “friendly challenge” between the kids and adults, testing their knowledge with the BrainPOP quizzes.  No matter which side wins or loses, not only will you be getting parents more involved in their child’s learning, but you will also be establishing a connection between BrainPOP in the classroom and at home!

How do you get parents involved? Share ideas below!

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