Tweet Tweet! Twitter in the Classroom (Webinar Alert)

Twitter in the Classroom
Wednesday, October 13
6:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Join special guest and tweeting teacher Dorie Glynn to explore the limitless ways Twitter can be used in the classroom. Find out how how you can connect parents, students, and classrooms globally and engage students through the use of social networking tools.


  • Chevin

    I loved this event, it was so helpful! Thank you!

  • Fran Lamb

    I will definitely need a certificate of completion to get PD credit. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Renee Herbert

    Great info! My first webinar…..and feeling like I’m not very technologically savvy. I’ll make a personal account and work it out…. never hurts to try.

  • Jamay Johnson

    Thank you for a wonderful webinar!

  • Lisa C

    It would be great to get the certificate. Thanks for the webinar!


  • Kim Harrison

    I enjoyed this webinar and would love a certificate of participation. I was KimH, K4sons on Twitter.
    I’m convinced that maybe I should be using Twitter instead of Edmodo. I will at least talk to the classroom teachers about it.
    Just a note. The blog colors make it hard to see the link to add a comment.
    Thanks again for providing wonderful content in your Webinars!

  • Amy

    Wow! So much to think about and figure out. Thanks for all the great resources. (I would love a certificate as well.)

  • diane horvath

    Looking forward to sharing this webinar with my colleagues– get them to see what a great learning tool twitter is!


  • Russell Evan Story

    Thanks for sharing information about twitter. I am going to open an account and start using it in the classroom.

    Thanks Brain Pop


  • Elizabeth Ruiz

    Amazing approach to another usage of twitter.

    definetely love it….it helped me a lot because I’m looking for a way to interact with students and parents.


  • Leslie Lopez

    This gave me lots of great ideas on using Twitter in the classroom. I’m thinking of having students post book reviews for parallel reading assignments.

  • Gale Lyons

    I just found this archived webinar and listened to it. I have not thought of using Twitter for the classroom. I teach 9 and 12 grades ESL. It has been fun utilizing student cell phones for the dictionary, googledocs sites for student eportfolios, for students taking pictures of notes and assignments on the board, for reading Romeo and Juliet with commentary that students share to help us all understand Shakespeare’s language using the R & J phone app, and to text parents with info to subvert any concerns, better than email. I have used facebook, edublogs, and lots of brainpop, yes, high schoolers love it. Now, I will give twitter a try. No credit hours option in my county, but I would like a certificate for my portfolio. Thanks

  • Nick Brandon

    This was the first hour for my required online PD, and I plan to use my remaining five hours for other BrainPop Webinar topics. I recently began using Twitter to communicate assignments and announcements with my students and it has been a great thing — as a younger teacher, I want to strive to communicate with them in the way THEY want to be communicated with in 2011! But this gave me more specifics on how to tie Twitter in with specific educational opportunities educational side, not just posting assignments and announcements. Good stuff!

    If I could get a certificate for participation with this Webinar that would be fantastic. Thanks so much!

  • Tatum

    Hey, Nick! I would love to hear more about how you use Twitter with your students and if you tie in BrainPOP when doing so. Feel free to email me your ideas, perhaps we can turn it into a guest blog post!