October Curricular Tie-Ins

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Keep this list of BrainPOP movies handy, and check out our online Curriculum Calendar for additional tie-ins.

♦ October 2: Find out about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, born today in 1869, with our movie on this nonviolent political and spiritual leader.

♦ October 4: Russia launched its Sputnik I on this day in 1957; find out about the “space race” of the 1960s with our Apollo Project movie.

♦ October 9: On what would have been his 70th birthday, celebrate the life and work of John Lennon with our Beatles movie.

♦ October 11: How well do you and your students really know legendary navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus? Find out with our Christopher Columbus movie and BrainPOP Jr.’s Columbus Day movie. But wait, there’s more! On her birthday, watch BrainPOP’s Elearnor Roosevelt movie and explore the accomplishments of this remarkable First Lady and Civil Rights activist.

♦ October 15: Did YOU know it was National Blog Action Day? In honor of the occasion, show our Blogs movie. It also happens to be Global Handwashing Day. K-3 teachers, help the class lather up with BrainPOP Jr.’s Washing Hands movie.

♦ October 16: Word! Today marks Dictionary Day. Show our Dictionary and Thesaurus movie and figure out what it all means.

♦ October 21: What do you want, a medal? If you answered yes to that question, check out our
Nobel Prize movie on Alfred Nobel’s birthday.

♦ October 23: Brazilian soccer star Pelé turns 70 today! Score big time with our
é movie.
♦ October 24: It’s United Nations Day – and the 65th anniversary of the organization’s founding. Find out more with our United Nations movie.

♦ October 25: On Pablo Picasso’s birthday, let our Cubism movie help you see things from a few different angles.

♦ October 27: Get a little progressive on the birthday U.S. President #26! Show our Theodore Roosevelt movie and help students understand his contributions.

♦ October 28: What a lovely gesture, France. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated today in 1886. BrainPOP Jr.’s
U.S. Symbols movie is perfect for the occasion.

♦ October 29: It may be Friday, but put the focus on Black Tuesday, when the stock market crashed in 1929. Talk about what happened with our Great Depression movie.

♦ October 30: Have some cake in honor of our second president, then show our John Adams movie and let the class get to know this Founding Father.

♦ October 31: Trick? Treat? BrainPOP movie? Mix up the candy with Halloween movies on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. ♦ November 1: The Mexican holiday Day of the Dead falls today. Show our Mourning and Halloween movies to get a related lesson started.

♦ November 2: On Election Day, cast your vote for our movies on Voting (BrainPOP) and Local & State Government (K-3). ♦ November 5: The five-day festival of Diwali begins today for Indians around the world; explain the holiday’s importance with our Diwali movie.
♦ November 7: Fall back with our Daylight Saving Time movie, then show our Marie Curie movie and introduce the legendary scientist, born today in 1867.

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