October Spotlights!

Sneak peek! We’ve got three Spotlights for you throughout the month of October! Our Spotlight: Election covers timely topics like Branches of Government, Democracy, Political Beliefs, Political Parties, Political Party Origins, Presidential Election, Presidential Power, Primaries & Caucuses, Voting, Women’s Suffrage, and, on BrainPOP Jr., Local & State Government and President. Enhance your classroom experience with election-related lesson plans as well.

We’ve also got Spotlights on Hispanic Heritage and STEM Skills, appearing in mid-October. Stay tuned!

  • Denise

    What would really be helpful is the end date of free resources. How long are the STEM movies going to be free? Until Oct. 31st? It would really help with planning. Thank you.

  • allisyn

    They’ll definitely be free until the end of October, Denise. Official applicants get free access throughout the duration of the competition. More info here:

    Thanks for asking!