BrainPOP Quizzes & Promethean’s Learner Response Systems: Feedback!

With the integration of our quizzes and Promethean’s ActiVote/ActivExpression now a month old, we thought we’d solicit some feedback from those of you who’ve put it to use. Students and teachers alike had some great things to say!

“Using BrainPOP with ActivExpressions is the best thing since sliced bread … I used them with a third-grade class today, and it was awesome.” – Tim Clark, Ed.S, Johns Creek Elementary School

Another teacher shared: “I exported scores last week and it was great!  Piece of cake.  Love how quickly it allowed me to see levels of mastery with main idea so I could see who needed to be retaught and who could move on.”

“The kids always enjoy using the votes with brainpop. They don’t even realize that I’m using it as an assesment.” -Mike Sandridge, 3rd Grade Teacher, Mount Airy Elementary School, Maryland

The past month has also given us a chance to troubleshoot and assess some of the problems we’ve heard about.  An FAQ is coming soon! But in the meantime, I wanted to share a few helpful tips that might help you get up and running.  If you’re running into problems:

  • Make sure you’re going into this with up-to-date Promethean drivers and firmware. You can download the latest versions from
  • Also make sure that your Flash Player is current. The latest version as of September 23 is If this isn’t the version you have, download it at
  • Check that your voting devices are registered.  If you’ve upgraded the drivers or firmware, you may need to re-register them.
  • Clear your browser’s cache. A cache is a store of temporary internet files that help pages load faster, but can sometimes contain outdated page versions. For instructions on how to clear your cache, check out our Tech Support FAQ.

If you’ve been using BrainPOP with Promethean’s LRS in your classroom, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Leave a comment on the blog or email us at

  • Cara

    Is there a way to show students’ names on the quizes instead of device numbers? It is too hard to keep up with each child’s scores using the numbers.

  • allisyn

    Hey Cara! Yes — you would just rename the devices you registered through ActivInspire. More info on Promethean Planet’s forum:

    Within the BrainPOP Quiz Options, you have the choice to keep the votes anonymous or to show device names. Once you’ve changed the names each device is registered as, it will show up in BrainPOP with student names.

    Hope that helps!

  • mrow

    Any chance of doing something similar with the iClicker system?

  • Greg Kocourek

    This is incredible. What a seamless and wonderful addition to what BrainPOP does. Great stuff!!!

  • heather borowski

    watching the recorded webinar was hugely helpful- i downloaded the flash bridge and we’re ready to go with using our activexpressions and brainpop quizzes!

  • Allisyn Levy

    Great to hear, Heather & Greg. Thanks so much for the feedback! Any interest in sharing more about your experiences by being a special guest blogger or webinar presenter?

  • allisyn

    We encourage you to check in with your LRS company and ask them to touch base with us so we can continue to expand our offerings for quiz integration. Thanks!

  • Charlotte

    My next year might be greater with this idea!

  • Melisse Martin

    I have not registered my activ hub or downloaded the flash bridge, but I am very excited about the opportunity to intergrate BrainPop and Promethean in this way. My kindergarten team has made flip charts already that incorporate assessments using the clickers. As part of our grade level planning meetings this summer, I am going to suggest that we work as a team to use the information that I have learned in this webinar. Also, I liked the idea of taking the quizzes as a preassement and then again as a post assessment.

  • Alex Wolf

    I just found out about this tool, and was excited to try it. I have had success, with one major issue: I use the feature in Inspire to re-assign devices for each new class, so every student always is registered with their name. This works fine in Inspire. However, Brainpop won’t change the names from one class to another, and always just uses the first class that was registered when I first used it. How can I get Brainpop to recognize the change of names in Inspire?

  • Tatum

    Great question and comments, Alex! To answer your question, you need to restart your Flash Bridge to get the names to update. I know it may be a bit of nuisance if you need to do it often, but it works!