Webinar Alerts! This Week:

Back to School With BrainPOP
Tuesday, August 31
4:30 EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Welcome back! This webinar highlights the countless ways BrainPOP can help make the back-to-school season easier for you. From using BrainPOP to review topics covered in the last school year to reinforcing online research skills, our resources can help engage students and keep them excited all year.
RSVP: http://backtoschoolbp.eventbrite.com

Planning with netTrekker Search and BrainPOP
Wednesday, September 1
4:30 EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Looking for high quality online educational resources? Find out how easily the leading educational search tool can pinpoint engaging digital resources like BrainPOP – organized by grade, reading level, curriculum topic, media type, state standards, and more. Come see the value of our partnership with netTrekker, and plan out a portfolio of resources that you can take with you to teach your students the ins and outs of Digital Citizenship.
RSVP: http://nettrekker.eventbrite.com

Make it Click: BrainPOP Quizzes With Promethean’s Learner Response Systems
Thursday, September 2
4:30 EDT

With Promethean’s response technology right in the palm of their hands, students are engaged on a whole new level. This webinar will show you how to get BrainPOP’s quiz integration with Promethean ActiVote and ActivExpression learner response systems up and running in just a few easy steps, then customize your classroom voting experience. It’s just one more way we’re helping you bring 21st century resources into your classroom. We will be offering this webinar weekly, throughout all of September.
RSVP: http://makeitclick1.eventbrite.com

  • http://www.sau21.org/las Don Wilder

    Thanks for today’s Elluminate webinar on integrating Nettrekker and BrainPOP resources. This year is the first time Lincoln Akerman School may be able to do this and the 1 hour invested in this presentation will save me a lot of stumbling around time. I am looking forward to more webinars, Elluminate or otherwise. Our discussion at the end about options for how to use the interface was very encouraging. I’ll be back.
    Don Wilder

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Allisyn

    So glad you joined, Don! I appreciate the comment you left. It was fun talking after the webinar was over as well. Let me know if you’ve got suggestions for future webinar topics!

    Hope you’re off to a great start of the school year!

  • Melisse Martin

    Planning with BrainPop and Nettrekker
    My school district has a Nettrecker Subscription, but I haven’t used this resource in a while. I like the updated sight with the new look and view it as being more user friendly than before. This webinar has opened my eyes to the wealth of information available to me and my students. I had always viewed Nttrekker, Proethean, and BrainPop as three separate resources and I was excited to learn how to intergrate all three to streamline my planning. The electronic filing cabinet is a useful tool. I wasn’t aware that I could link other resources or url’s. Being able to save this information electronically and all in one place will save time in future years. I look forward to sharing this information with my kindergarten team!