Planning Over the Summer

A few tips for planning for the upcoming school year (not to harsh your mellow!):

Academic Standards Tool –> super simple to see how BrainPOP fits into the curriculum you’re already teaching!

Browse our Lists of Topics –> BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP ESL all provide a list of topics. Bookmark it, or print & keep in your planning notebook for easy access at grade level meetings.

Use our Spotlights! Each month, BrainPOP features 2 Spotlights, or collections of resources for timely topics. Check out our archives and plan accordingly for common monthly themes.

Align BrainPOP topics to your scope & sequence. Split up into subject area teams to tackle efficiently, and share with entire staff for cross-curricular connections.

What are your planning strategies? Efficient tips to integrate BrainPOP into your curriculum? Please share!

  • http://BPEducators Michelle

    I enjoyed reviewing the many topics you have for social studies lessons. I would like to suggest more topics related to world geography. As a middle school teacher, we have a year long course in geography which covers eveything from culture, economics, physical geography, and a study of countries around the world. Thanks!

  • allisyn

    Thanks, Michelle. Do you have any specific topics in mind? Please let me know, or email