Webinar Alert: Digital Storytelling

Wednesday, June 16
*6:30 PM EDT (note later starting time)
Duration: 1 Hour

Learn how you and your class can create engaging projects using BrainPOP and Promethean’s ActivInspire software.  Use both audio narration and the video recorder to make your own original multimedia projects that get students motivated.  You will learn techniques to help students synthesize content, develop understanding, and increase long term memory in this hour long webinar. You can access a recording of this webinar here.

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  • Mary Ellen

    Sure I’d love a certificate. Thanks! :-) Thanks a lot – it was very interesting. I hope I get a chance to play around with it a bit!

  • Kelli Erwin

    This has been fantastic. Please send a cert to me. Can we have the flipchart that Kootman used?

    Thanks you guys.

  • http://teamtimes.us Laura Lanier

    Thank you sooooooo much! Time well spent. Thank you- Would love a Certificate. Please.
    So enjoyed participating.

    L. Lanier
    Clay ES

  • marion

    how well does this work for sped kids?

  • Tamara Pirmann

    Loved the webinar. Lots of good ideas. I can’t wait to take them back to my teachers. They will love the student interaction. We’re always looking for new ways to get the kids motivated. Thank you.

  • Karen Holewinski

    Great webinar! I’m excited to try some of your ideas! Thanks!

  • Ann and David Kasch

    Thank you Promethean looks like it will be very helpful in my classroom. I have my middle school students make movies on the Great Depression and this will help and make them more user friendly.

  • http://WebinarDigitalStorytelling Serena McClendon

    First webinar. Really enjoyed it. Would love to continue for the summer.

  • Ann and David Kasch

    Everything pertains to the content that I present to my middle schoolers. Can’t wait to use this when directing my movies about the Great Depression.

  • Ellen Gordon

    Thanks for another great webinar! I look forward to using the clipart from BrainPop Educators (I already downloaded) as well as the interactive templates in the Graphic Organizer section to get my students excited about communicating their learning in a multi-media format. We have a class blog that will be an ideal place to share their videos with parents and our school community. SMART Notebook software has all the same tools for teachers and schools who have that available to them!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!

  • Debbie Evans

    In need a certificate for digital storytelling. I would also love to have a very, very basic webinar on learning about promethean/brainpop. All the other teachers in my school had training a the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year. I didn’t have any hand-on use of it until the last month of the school year, so it’s very new to me. Thanks, this was cool!

  • Carla Harrison

    Loved it! Learned a lot, thanks!

  • http://askwhatelse.wordpress.com Sheri Edwards

    Thanks for a wonderful session. My fifth grade students just started making videos, and we will continue in the fall. This has helped me with ideas. Thanks.

    Will you be emailing certificates for attending the session?

  • Sandra Freeland

    I really enjoyed learning about digital storytelling. I am a pre-service teacher and the information that I can get from BrainPop Educators. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from home. I am looking forward to more learning opportunities this summer!

  • Cynthia Whaley

    May I please have a certificate of attendance for this webinar? I would like to participate in more of these this summer and will tell my fellow teachers about them too, if they are indeed offered. Thank you!

  • http://www.irvingisd.net/~akeller Andrea Keller

    There are so many different ways that you can modify and adapt all of BrainPop. My students (K-3 children with autism) love their Annie and Moby time. Their interactions and constant information are great for our students. Each week our class uses 1 video and do the activities that go with that. Please contact me at akbusybee@gmail.com so I can give you more information. I have also started uploading information at the BrainPop Learn Central http://www.learncentral.org

    This was an Awesome webinar as always! I always get more ideas on how to modify and my classroom :) Next year I think I am going start a news show. We will see though :)

  • Awilda Gautier

    I was very excited to see what this webinar was all about since it was my first one. I really liked it and learned a lot of educational techniques. We can use the BrainPop software to help the students create engaging projects to synthesize content, and develop understanding. The moderators showed us how to use the audio narration and the video recorder to make creative projects. I think the ESL students are going to enjoy making their own projects in a fun, engaging, unique way. This software is easy to use, helps them with their retention and it will give them the opportunity to do something different besides having a paper and a pencil or answering questions about the story.
    A positive idea for future webinars would be to divide the topics among the two moderators instead of having both at the same time, because it gets confusing and distracting. It would be nice as well to be able from time to time, to see the moderator talking like in this type of webinars: http://www.megameeting.com/images/showMyDesktopj.png . I look forward to the next webinar.
    Please send me a participation certificate.

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Allisyn

    Hey everyone! Here’s a link to Dave’s flipchart that many of you requested:


  • Melisse Martin

    I really enjoyed this webinar. I like the whole idea of “simplicity” that was repeated throughout the session. It makes the idea of digital storytelling less intimidating. I make many class books throughout the year as a response to the literature we read. I think that is how I will begin with the digital storytelling. I will make a digital story as a class as a response to literature we read or a movie we watch on BrainPop. I will certainly find time to view the student made videos and teacher submitted lessons. I appreciate you sending a certificate of participation.

  • allisyn

    So glad you discovered our webinars, Melisse! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. Can’t wait to hear how it goes! Please keep us posted.